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Trail Guide

Trail Guide Project

One of the attractions living in Anchorage is abundance of parks and trails.

This project will eventually list all short trails the Alaska Outdoors hosts. All trail is short and rewarding. I am adding little by little whenever I have time. Please submit your favorite hike.

In this guide, all trails are classified as follows:

Strolling: Mostly flat, wide, and even surfaced trail. Tennis/walking shoes ok. Yes, you can push a stroller.

Walking/Hiking: Occasional ups and downs. Hiking boots is a better choice. Trail can be single track. No steep slope.

Hiking Intro: Several steep slopes.

Hiking Intro II: Single track and steep slopes. Elevation gain up to 500 ft.

Hiking Intro III: Single track and more steep slopes. Elevation gain more than 500 ft.



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Anchorage Coastal Refuge

Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge   Anchorage Coastal Refuge covers entier southwestern Anchorage coast from Kincaid Park to Potter Creek. Of those, the best known and the most popular spot is Potter Marsh boad walk for observation of birds and fish. It is a bird watchers’s heaven. Visit early in the morning to see rare birds. …

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Bear Valley: Golden View Trailhead

Bear Valley:  Golden View Trailhead  Bear Valley: Golden View Trailhead has great access to McHugh Peak, and view from ridge is one of the best view of Anchorage and Chugach mountains. Direction to the Golden View Trailhead  The trailhead parking lot can hold only 5-6 cars.   Carpooling to the trailhead is highly recommended. From downtown, …

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Far North Bicentennial Park

Far North Bicentennial Park Far North Bicentennial Park is Anchorage’s largest park, about 4000 acre, providing year-round outdoor recreation opportunities for the entire community. The park consists of sevarl distinct parks: Hillside Park and Hilltop Ski area, Abbott Loop Community Park, BLM Campbelle Tract, Chuck Albrechit field, Alaska Botanical Garden. The park has 5 major …

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Hillside-Service High


Hillside and Hilltop Park   Hillside and Hilltop park is a part of Far North Bicentennial Park system. Both parks are located on Abbott Road. Hillside Park is located on next to the Hilltop Ski Area sign or park at Hilltop Ski Area. Hilltop Chalet is open year around.   Trails of Hillside and Hilltop …

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Kincaid Park

Kincaid Park   Kincaid Park is named after Ralph Kincaid (1907-1953) homesteaded in Sand Lake, now the International Airport. He founded Granite Products, Inc., which later became known as Kincaid & King Construction. His construction company contributed equipment and services for the construction of several playing fields and playgrounds throughout Anchorage. “Kincaid Park” was originally …

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Russian Jack Park

Russian Jack Park   The park has a colorful history. Jacob Marunenko, a Russian immigrant who arrived in 1915 homesteaded the location of the park in the early 1930’s. He became known as Jake Marchin or “Russian Jack”. During World War II, the army needed expansion areas. The homestead reverted back to the federal government …

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Ruth Arcand Park

Ruth Arcand Park Ruth Arcand Park is a little known 1 mile square park located in the middle of hillside neighborhood. Whenever we have a hike at this park, we always encounter people wh has never heard of this park. The park was originally about to be sold to dvelopers, but was saved through the …

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Safty Tips

Hiking Safety Tips   Whether it’s short or long, hiking safety should be at most concern for all of us. Most of our hike are under 2 hours, on well established trail, and within a city. So, your chance of getting into hiking accident is low. Stil, it is a good idea to know basic …

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University Lake Park

University Lake Park   University Lake Park is one of the most popular park in Anchorage. The park is located in U-Med area. The park is frequented by dog owners and designaed as off-leash dog park. Despite its popularity, this park does not have a clearly marked parking area!! An “Official” parking space is a …

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