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Smoke Jumper Trailhead

Far North Bicentennial Park:

Smoke Jumper Trailhead


Main trails originate from the Smoke Jumper Trailhead are Moose track trail and Lynx trail. From those trails you can access to other multi-use trails and dog mushing trails. Most of multi-use trails are wide and well maintained. Dog mushing trails are not maintained in summer; however, they are well suitable for hiking. In winter, use of dog mushing trails are limited to dog mushers.


Multi-Use Trails


Large Campbell Tract Loop: Round trip 4 mile

Lynx – Coyote – Viewpoint – Moose Track Trails.

Difficulty: Easy


From the parking lot, cross the road and enter Lynx trail. This 2 person-wide flat trail goes through the woods behind the BLM building. The trail crosses a wider trail (Lore Road Trail) and become a single track trail. The trail further continues 1/4 mile and intersects with wider Coyote Trail. Take right of the Coyote Trail. At 1/8th of the distance, take a left Viewpoint Trail. The Viewpoint trail takes gradual up-slope for half mile. At the top of the slope you will see Chugach mountain in front of you. At this point, trail forks: one straight down and another on left. Whichever trail you take, both come to the same location. Continue this main trail for another 1 mile, and you will reach a bridge of the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead. During salmon run season, you will see red Chinook and coho salmon heading for spawning. Continue going this wide trail, or you can walk a nature trail along the Campbell creek. About 1/2 mile from the bridge, there is a trail on left that goes to Campbell Creek Science Center Parking lot. Take this trail and take a right trail just before reaching the parking lot. The trail is Moose Track Trail. If the trail become grassy, you are on the wrong trail. The Moose Track Trail is a nice well maintained two-person wide trail going along the road to the Science Center. About a mile of walking through woods, you will be back to the Smoke Jumper Trailhead.


Dog sled Trails


8, 12, 14, and 14 Mile Loops

Difficulty: Easy


Start from Lynx trail. When you reach Coyote Trail, take left toward the Campbell Airstrip. Take left side of the run way, and you will see a trail entrance with dog sled mark. Go into this trail, and take first right. This trail goes through the woods.




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