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About Alaska Outdoors

The Alaska Outdoors has started in July 2004 by Toshihide “Hamachan” Hamazaki, aka “The fearless leader”, as a social hiking club for the public.

On July 21 2008, the Alaska Outdoors was formally incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization with the formal name of “Alaska Outdoors Club.”

Alaska Entity # 117022 , Tax id 26-4575400

Mission of the Alaska Outdoors is to promote and educate the public about parks and trail systems around Anchorage area and to build friendships among members.”

For details, please read Bylaws.

Our Activities

We provide easy to moderate public hikes on Monday and Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. All hikes are open to public with free for members and suggested donation of $1.00 per adult for non-members. The group is run entirely by volunteers. For more information please call 907-770-0440. In addition, our members provides special weekend hikes.

We have a monthly social and meeting, usually on the first Monday of the month after our regular hike.

Join the Alaska Outdoors

While all our hikes are open to public, we encourage to to join the Alaska Outdoors.

Annual Membership fee (July 1st to June 30) is $20.00 per person and $30 per family. If you are planning to come to hike more than 20 times a year, it is beneficial to become a member. The fees are used for organizational purposes, such as maintenance of this web site, purchases of materials and foods for the meeting and annual picnic, etc.

Benefits of Joining the Alaska Outdoors

1. You can incorporate hiking in your daily schedule.
2. You are not alone during hike. No bear worries.
3. You will discover varieties of trails around Anchorage area.
4. You will meet wonderful fellow hikers.
5. You will also meet a goofy fearless leader.
6. Above all, You will agree and support our organizations mission.

How to join the Alaska Outdoors?

Show up at our regular hike, and pay membership.

Join Alaska Outdoors Yahoo Group to receive weekly notice

Join our Alaska Outdoors Yahoo Group

Benefits of joining the group are

* Receive weekly e-mail about our regular hiking locations.
* Receive and post notices from other memebers. All posts are moderated, so that you will not receive junk mails.

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Adopt a Trail

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Alaska Outdoor Logo   This Alaska Outdoor Logo was created by Ginger M. Cooley, protected by copyright law.            Purchase an Alaska Outdoors Coffee mug with this beautiful Logo. Please contact Toshihide “Hamachan” Hamazaki if you are interested in purchasing.  

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Alaska Outdoors Club   Bylaws Effective date: July 1 2008 ARTICLE I: OFFICES The principal office of Alaska Outdoors (the “corporation”) in the State of Alaska shall be located at 3241 E43rd Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska 99508. The corporation may have such other offices, either within or without the State of Alaska, as the Board of …

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Financail Information

Alaska Outdoors Annual Financial Statement

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