North Bivouac Trailhead

Far North Bicentennial Park:

North Bivouac Trailhead


North Bivouac Trailhead is located on left, 2 miles from the Intersection between Tudor and Campbell Airstrip Road. All trails are multi-use Trails.


North Gasline Trail and Tank Trail

Difficulty: Easy


Tank Trail (1.1 miles one-way)

Tank trail is the main flat trail starting at the end of the parking lot. The trail is flat and well maintained. At the end of the trail, you will reach the powerline. The trail further extends all the way to Artcic Valley trhough Fort Richardson. You need Fort Richardson Recreational usage pass to go through.


North Gasline Trail (0.8 miles one-way)

North Gasline Trail starts at the end of the parking lot on right, a small trail behind offleash dog trash can. 1/4 mile throgh the woods, the trail connects to an wide open Gasline Trai. Trail is mostly single track, brushy in summer, with steep sections. The trail ends at the Power line. From here, you can take right 0.4 miles up on the Power Line trail. At the highest point, you have a great view of Anchorage bowl.

Instead you can take left 0.5 miles to the Tank Trail and loop back to the parking lot. However, this trail is often wet, muddy, and flooded.



Moose Ridge / 2.5 km /4.5 km Loop Trail

Difficulty: Moderate


Moose Ridge /2.5 km /4.5 km loop trails are originally developed for ski-joring and cross-courntry ski, or winter use. Consequently, some section of the trail is extremely muddy and floodded.