Abbott Loop Community Park Trailhead

Far North Bicentennial Park:

Abbott Loop Community Park


Main trails originate from the Abbott Loop Community Park are Homestead/Viewpoint/Tour of Anchorage Trail. Additionally, there are many side single track trails that are not described in a map. Some of those single tracks are well established, while others goes across wetlands and are only available during winter months.

Multi-Use Trails


Homestead/Viewpoint/Tour of Anchorage Trail:

Difficulty: Easy

Homestead/Viewpoint/Tour of Anchorage tail, all are interchangeable name pointing a main multi-use trail running from Hilltop Ski Area to University Lake. The trail is wide, flat, and well maintained. From the parking lot, take the main 1/2 mile trail to the end. At the intersection, left is Viewpoint Trail, and right is Homestead Trail.


Homestead Trail (3 miles one-way from Trailhead to Hilltop Ski Area)

Going about 1.5 miles, Homestead Trail intersects with Hillside ski trail. To continue Homestead trail to Hilltop Ski Area, follow the multi-use trail sign. When you reach a paved bike trail follow this trail to a brigde. Right before the brigdge, you will find a trail on your left that leads to Hillside Trailhead.


Viewpoint Trail (2.1 miles one-way to Campbell Airstrip Trailhead)

After passing a bridge, the trail folks. Upsloping right goes to the Viewpoint trail, and the left trail goes to Coyote trail. Viewpoint trail continues up the hill and reaches the highest point of the trail. Whether you take straight down or take left trail, both reaches to the same place. In a mile you will reach the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead.


Single Track Trail


Firebreak Trail Loop (3 miles)

Difficulty: Easy/moderate

Firebreak trail is one of the most well established single track trail. To get there, first take the Homestead trail. At the end of upslope trail, you will see a bench on left. About 30 feet from there, there is a single track trail on left going into woods. As you go into the woods, the trail leads to an open space with definite mark of fire. The trail continues toward a wet land and bends 90 degree left into a forest. The trail goes through thick forest and along a fence. In half mile, you will be out of the forest and connect to a wide trail. This is the Moose Meadow trail. Take left to go back to the Viewpoint Trail. At the Viewpoint trail, take left and to the trailhead.