Jodhpur Trailhead

Kincaid Park Jodhpur Parking lot


Jodhpur parking lot is NOT located on Raspberry Road. It is located on Jodhpur Road at the south side of the park. Many trails at Jodhpur parking lot are steep.


Ski Trail Loops


Jodhpur Loop 2.2 miles & Horseshoe Loop: 1.5 mile

Difficulty: moderate ups and downs


This Jodhpur & Horseshoe Loop is moderate going through woods. This trail is the easiest trail at Jodhpur.



Jodhpur Loop starts from the parking lot. At the first four corner after entering woods, take left. This wide trail gradually goes up slope. At next intersection take right. Tne trail bends right down slope. At the next four corner, go straight to the Moose Hill trail. The moose hill trail. As you exit the Moose Hill trail, take left and immediate right to the bridge. (For short cut, take left at the four corner, following the sign to the bridge.)

At the bridge take right down hill trail along the bike paths. At the bottom, you will find a “classical ski only” narrow trail entrance. This is the Horseshoe trail. This narrow horseshoe trail has series of ups and downs going through woods. After coming out of the trail, cross the first narrow trail and take left on the second wide upslope trail . The first narrow trail takes you to Jodphpur street. The second trail is the Jodhpur Loop. At the next intersection, take left trail that will take you back to the parking lot.




Ice Box & Mize Folley Loop: 3.3 mile

Difficulty: Steep ups and downs



From the parking lot, take Jodhpur Loop (described above). At the second intersection, go left following the sign “Ice Box.” After a 1/4 mile of upslope, the trail goes straight downhill. After trail bends upslope left and down slope right, you start hiking uphill all the way to the top. At the top of the hill take right trail, and you will see a steep downhill trail on right. This is Mize’s Folley. Go straight down the trail. From bottom, the trail goes moderate uphill and gradually down reaching a four corner. At the four corner, go straight uphill, properly named as “The Wall.” At the end of the wall, you will back to the Jodhpur Loop. Take left and take right at for corner. The trail will take back to the parking lot.




Mize Folley to Stairway to Heaven Loop: 3.5 mile

Difficulty: Steep ups and downs



For those who needs more up slope-down slope walking training, this course is perfect.

Instead of going down the Mize’s Folley, let’s go up the Mize’s Folley (See the previous route.) At the top of the Mize’s Folley, take right to the next down slope trail “Stairway to Heaven.” This trail consists of series of dips to the Four Courners. Go straight to hike throuh another dip. At the next intersection, take right back to the parking lot. Or, for more extension, go straight to the Moose Hill Trail back to the parking lot.