About the Fearless Leader


Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting the Alaska Outdoors. My name is Toshihide “Hamachan” Hamazaki, aka “Fearless leader” and my lovely wife Pam Maslyk, aka “Pamchan”. It is a great privilege to lead the group. Through this group, I have met many wonderful people including my wife.

Please feel free to contact me.

E-mail: toshihide_hamazaki@yahoo.com

Phone: 907-440-9934 (c)


I have been enjoying hiking with the group for nearly two years and truly enjoy meeting new hikers as well as talking weekly with the ‘regulars’. I also like to lead as long as it isn’t in Kincaid park as I tend to get lost…..



FAQ about the Fearless Leader.


What do I call you?

I am notorious for having many different nicknames. In this hiking group and other places most people call me “Toshi.” However, among my friends and co-workers, I am known as “Hamachan.” There may be other nicknames floating around, which I am not responsible. Some call me using different nicknames depending on social situation.

Where does “Hamachan” come from?

The nickname, “Hamachan”, is my original Japanese nickname. It derives from “Hama” (from first 2 syllables of my last name) + “chan” (Japanese conventional suffix for names). This Japanese naming convention can also applied to non-Japanese. For instance, a name “Ginger” becomes “Ginger-chan” or more shorter to “Gin-chan”.

What are your dogs’ name?

Our dogs’ name is “Sami”, a Shiba-inu breed and “Yuki”, a village Malamute.  Yuki is a Japanese name meaning snow. 

How long have you been in Alaska?

I have been in Alaska since 2001. I came here by chance. I just happened to got a job at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. I am a Biometrician of the AYK Commercial Fisheries Division. I have never thought about living in Alaska. Many friends told me that I am very much suited for Alaska. They were absolutely right. I have been enjoying living here.


What is your favorite hike?

Every hike brings wonders of nature. Our favorite hike is McHugh Table Rock.  Because we got married there!!