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The Number of Participants

YearTotal number of participantsTotal number of IndividualsTotal number of New Participants
2004 (July-Dec)2849999

Because the number of participants are not always recorded, the above numbers are Minimum.

The Highest Participants of the Year

2021Linda Petersen (83) Ian McLeod (82)Yu (Grace) Cao (78)
2020Ian McLeod (90)Yu (Grace) Cao (83)Diane Frank (79)
2019Ian McLeod (91)Dave Reed (79)Natasha Dorofeeva (76)
2018Lorraine Andres (103)Ian McLeod (91)Dave Reed (82)
2017Lorraine Andres (95)Ian McLeod (85)Craig Stark (82)
2016Lorraine Andres & Craig Stark (96)Ian McLeod (91)Linda Peterson (81)
2015Lorraine Andres (103)Ian McLeod (95)Craig Stark (90)
2014Lorraine Andres; Craig Stark (101)Linda Peterson (87)Ian McLeod (80)
2013Linda Peterson (89)Ian McLeord (83)Cindy Graham (47)
2012Pat Lynch (66) Clare Drake; Chris Keltz; Linda Peterson (63)Tonda Scott (62)
2011Pat Lynch (70)Tonda Scott (60)Ken Rocheleau (52)
2010Linda Lewis; Clare Drake (42)Gail Gandy (41)Pat Lynch (37)
2009Bill Bradshaw (69)Sean Jensen (62)Lyn King (43)
2008Bill Bradshaw (61)Lyn King (38)Gail Gandy (35)
2007Bill Bradshaw (72) Lyn King (48)Sean Jensen (41)
2006Bill Bradshaw (69)Sean Jensen (62)Lyn King (43)
2005Melissa Jean (29)Ed Morrison (18)Mark Hanzlik (17)
2004 (July - Dec)Dela Grey (14)Rollin Westrum (13)Ron Rumsey (12)

Monday Hiking

2021Ian McLeod (45)Craig Stark & Linda Petersen (43)Yu (Grace) Cao & David Reed (41)
2020Ian McLeod (48)Diane Frank (47)Yu (Grace) Cao (40)
2019Ian McLeod (45)Karen Rauschert (40) Dave Reed Natasha Dorofeeva (39)
2018Lorraine Andres (52)Ian McLeod (45)Dave Reed (43)
2017Lorraine Andres (49)Ian McLeod (44)Craig Stark (43)
2016Lorraine Andres (48)Craig Stark (47)Ian McLeod (45)
2015Lorraine Andres (51)Ian McLeod (46)Craig Stark (45)
2014Lorraine Andres, Craig Stark (51)Loretta Andres (49)Ian McLeod (41)
2013Linda Peterson (44)Ian McLeod (42)Linda Lewis (34)
2012Tamara Benton (39)Pat Lynch; Clare Drake (38)Chris Keltz (37)
2011Pat Lynch (38) Ken Rocheleau Gail Gandy Tonda Scott; Linda Lewis; Clare Drake (36)Susan Fejes (28)
2010Linda Lewis (42) Gail Gandy(40)Pat Lynch (34)
2009Gail Gandy (35)Bill Bradshaw (33)Clare Drake (29)
2008Bill Bradshaw (37) Melissa Jean; Clare Drake (23)Lyn King (22)
2007Bill Bradshaw (34)Mary Belanger (29)Sean Jensen (25)
2006Melissa Jean (30)Dela Grey (22)Vera Stein (21)
2005Melissa Jean (20)Ed Morrison (11)Vera Stein (9)
2004 (July - Dec)Kelly and Emmy Herring (10) Sim Ng; Ron Ramsey; Rollin Westrum; Jessie Herring; Dela Grey (8)Christine Sager (7)

Thursday Hiking
2021Linda Petersen (40)Ian McLord & Yu (Grace) Cao (37)Diane Frank & Sharon Stockerd (34)
2020Yu (Grace) Cao (43)Ian McLord (41)Linda Petersn (34)
2019Ian McLeod (46)Dave Reed (39)Natasha Drofeeva (37)
2018Lorraine Andres (51)Ian McLeod (46)Sue Hoisington (40)
2017Lorraine Andres (46)Ian McLeod (41)Craig Stark (39)
2016Craig Stark (47)Lorraine Andres (46)Ian McLeod (44)
2015Loraine Andres (52)Ian McLeod (49)Craig Stark (45)
2014Craig Stark, Lorraine Andres (49)Linda Peterson (46) Ian McLeod (38)
2013Linda Peterson (45)Ian McLeod (41)Yasuhiro Ozuru (28)
2012Linda Peterson (38)Tonda Scott (28)Pat Lynch (27)
2011Pat Lynch (32) Tonda Scott (24)Susan Fejes (22)
2010Lyn King (20) Bill Bradshaw (19)Shane Dochery (17)
2009Bill Bradshaw (28)Lyn King (26)Linda Brooks (13)
2008Bill Bradshaw (35) Lyn King (26)Linda Brooks; Sean Jensen (21)
2007Sean Jensen (36)Bill Bradshaw (34)Lyn King (29)
2006Kellin Lang-Gillming (34) Bob Fisher (28)Ann Fisher; Kathy Smith (26)
2005Kathy Smith; Tom Gould (13) Jane Senaga (10)Michael Smith; Keith Hall; Mark Hanzlik; Melissa Jean (9)
2004 (July - Dec)Dela Grey (6)Rollin Westrum (5)Tamara Benton; Solmaz Mohadjer; Ron Ramsery; Levi Hogan (4)

Because the number ofparticipants are not always recorded, the above numbers are Minimum.


The Highest Participants Hike:

202138: Kincaid Park Chalet (Sept 27)35: Bicentennial Park Smoke Jumper (Sept 20)34: Bicentennial Park Smoke Jumper (July 19)
202031: Bicentennial Park Abbott Community park (June 01)27: Hillside Park (July 13)26: Bartlett High school (July 06)
201943: Bicentennial Park Smoke Jumper (July 22)42: Hillside Park (Sept 09)40: Kincaid Park Raspberry (June 03)
201851: Kincaid Park Jodhpur (July 02)39: Prospect Heights (June 14)37: Bicentennial Park Smoke Jumper (June 18)
201737: Kincaid Park Jodhpur (July 06)36: Hilltop Ski Area (July 31)35: Kincaid Park Jodhpur (Aug 07)
201636: Ruth Arcand Park (Aug 15)34: Hilltop Ski Area (May 23) 32: Bicentennial Park: Smoke Jumper (Sept 26)
201534: Hillside Park (Mar 30)32: Bicentennial Park smoke Jumper (Apr 13) Hilltop Ski Area (Jun 8)31: Bicentennial Park smoke Jumper (May 18)
201433: Hilltop Ski Area (Aug 11)32: Kincaid Park Chalet (Aug 18)30: Bicentennial Park Smoke Jumper (Nov 17)
201341: Kincaid Park Chalet (July 1)39: Bicentennial Park Smoke Jumper (June 3)37: Kincaid Park: Jodhpur (June 24)
201225: Kincaid Park Chalet (Sept 10); Bicentennial Park Smoke Jumper (Apr 9 & Oct 29)24: Kincaid Park Chalet (Apr 30) 23: Kincaid Park Jodhpur (Aug 13); Russian Jack (Apr 23)
201131: Bicentennial Park: Smoke Jumper (July 13); Kincaid Park Chalet (Aug 29)29: Bartlet High (Oct 3)27: Kincaid Park Chalet (Jun 20 & Sept 26)
201029: Bicentennial Park: Smoke Jumper (July 12)20: Bartlet High (July 5)19: Hilltop Ski Area (Aug 9)
200931: Bicentennial Park: Smoke Jumper (April 20) 30: Bicentennial Park Smoke Jumper (May 18); Kincaid Park Chalet (Jun 18)28: Russian Jack Park (Jun 29)
200834: Russian Jack Park (May 12) 25: Ruth Arcand Park (Apr 21)24: University Lake (Jun 23)
200744: Kincaid Park Chalet (Oct 15) 34: Ruth Arcand Park (Oct 8)26: Kincaid Park Chalet (Aug 6)
200634: Potter Creek (Jul 20)28: Kincaid Park Chalet (Jul 27)27: University Lake (Jul 31); Hill Top Ski Area (Nov 2)
200520: Glen Alps (Jun 16); Kincaid Park Chalet (Sept 26)18: Kincaid Park Chalet (Jun 13)17: Bicentennial Park Campbell Airstrip (Jul 11)
2004 (July - Dec)21: Hillside Park (Aug 30); Kincaid Park Chalet (Sept 13)18: University Lake (Sept 27)17: Kincaid Park Chalet (Aug 4); University Lake (Aug16)_

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