Bear Valley: Golden View Trailhead

Bear Valley:  Golden View Trailhead 

Bear Valley: Golden View Trailhead has great access to McHugh Peak, and view from ridge is one of the best view of Anchorage and Chugach mountains.
Direction to the Golden View Trailhead 

The trailhead parking lot can hold only 5-6 cars.   Carpooling to the trailhead is highly recommended.

From downtown, take New Seward Highway toward Seward. Exit at Rabbit Creek and take left on Rabbit Creek Road.   After few miles of driving, take right on Clarks Road.  You should see a Soccer field, Ray Storck Homestead park.  From there take Clarks Road all the way to the end of the road.  Take Kings Way to valley.  Take left on Snow Bear Dr..  The road changes name to Black Bear Dr and sharp left to Honey Bear Ln.   At the end of Honey Bear Ln., take right to the trailhead.



Bear Valley to the Ridge Peak

Difficulty:  Moderate but steep.

Distance: 0.9 miles, Elevation gain 1000 ft.

Starting elevation: 2090ft,  Ridge 3150 ft.

There is only one trail originating from the trailhead.   After quarter miles of going through low brushes, you will be out of tree zone.  Take your time, and follow the trail all the way to the ridge.  It is steep; however, wherever you stop,  you will have a gorgeous view of Anchorage and Chugach mountains, from Flattop far on the left to peak 2, 3, and Ptarmigan Peak.   At the end of the mountains are North Suicide and South Suicide Peak.


Extension from the Ridge Peak to McHugh Peak (4311 ft)

Difficulty:  Moderate.

Distance: 2.0 miles, Elevation gain 1000 ft.


From  the Ridge Peak, follow the ridge to McHugh Peak (4311 ft).   The McHugh peak is a rock crown at the end of the ridge.  The ridge consists of several peaks and valleys, but height of drop is about 100-200 ft.   When weather is good, you have wonderful view of mountains.   Basin of the McHugh peak is a wide moonscape like rock field.  Trail end there.  Take your route going up to the ridge.